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About Us

The Australian Drift Club is New South Wales’ (NSW) most distinct drift oriented car club.

The organization was founded in 2005 by a group of car enthusiasts that strived to promote the sport and ensure its wide growth within Australia. However, a key component was to keep costs to a minimum to ensure its affordability for beginners. As a result of this, the Australian Drift Club was established as a Non-Profit Organization that is accredited with the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS). This meant that each individual wanting to get into the sport of drifting would now be provided with a safe and secure environment, under professional supervision. Thus, allowing drifters to boost skills without putting themselves and others at risk, when such driving practices are performed on a public road.

Being a Non- Profit Organization, all revenue raised by the Club is used for promotion and advertising campaigns, as well as any surplus being donated to charities.  For these reasons, we pride ourselves in being the drifter’s choice when it comes to being cost effective and in also providing our members and potential members with the best experience and service.

Over the years, Australian Drift Club has been able to run successful events across various venues within NSW. These accomplishments led to a widespread identity of the car club and the increase in active members. Australian Drift Club currently prides itself with over 500 members within Australia, which are actively increasing at an exponential rate. An increased rate of growth has also led to the expansion of car club to its first overseas destination, The Philippines. Our members being the life force behind the car club has supported in the International branding and the recognition of Australian Drift Club. This growth has also led to an increase in sponsorship that has been offered to the club by external organizations, which helps fuel our Non-profit organization. The car club also features its own unique Drift Team, one in Australia and the other in The Philippines. For more information on the teams and their driver profiles, please visit on our Team section or our Facebook fan pages.

Similar to any fast growing entity, we faced few challenges in the structure of the organization and the way to approach our clients. The increased rate of growth meant that a restructure was a necessity for us to reach our clients and provide them with the best grade of service. Therefore, this business structure has now been streamlined by providing a formal business hierarchy to establish key point of contacts and delegates that manage each sector within the organization. Our newly derived structure and simplicity is an easy way for us to assist our members, sponsors and fans. This simple chain of command will assist you deal with the correct person without much hassle and resolve any outstanding encumbrance. Please refer to our contact’s page for more information on our key delegates and point of contacts.

We hope to get to know you at our next event. Please drop by and say Hi.


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