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DriftMob rebrands to ‘Australian Drift Club’ to coincide with our new vision, ‘to provide a drift club of the future’.

Directors at Australian Drift Club Inc have decided that a rebrand of the car club is necessary to cater to the continuously evolving drift scene within Australia. Therefore, in order to be able to understand the perspective of each person involved within the drift community, it essential to have their direct feedback. To achieve this, we will be entirely overhauling the hierarchy of the club. This will allow for any individual that is a registered member of the club to apply for positions within the club. Each individual will then be assessed based on their resume by the other active club members, by the option of a voting poll.  We believe this is the key to a drift club of the future, as it allows the decisions to made by those who are directly affected by it.

The key benefits of having an open club which is made by the people, is the high level of interaction with our stake holders and fellow drifters. Essential changes and improvements can be carried out consistently and pro actively to improve the Club. This will be an ongoing evolvement to continuously better the club and provide better services. It will allow us to facelift the drifting scene through out Australia by having support from every drifter and those that want to be involved within the drift community.

Our core belief is that the Drift Clubs are the foundation of drifting. Every individual starts at a Club to be able to better their skills and then progress on to competitive driving. There is a strong necessity to have a better foundation in order to increase the chances of a better upbringing and future. This will improve the image of drifting and drifters locally. Our new model will allow anyone that wants to be a part of the club to apply for positions from the top of the hierarchy, right through to the bottom. However, every position within the club plays an important role, no ones job is superior to the other. We need everyone to be able to work as  a team and be well collaborated to ensure the success and longevity of the foundation of drifting right here; where we call home.

With the revised structure of the car club, we will be targeting potential sponsors and affiliates to assist with the promotion and success of the club. In line with running our regular club days, a key part of our selected committee  would be running competitive events. This gives our local competitors that are unable to compete in national competition a proving ground or a stepping stone. Our expansion will also consist of mergers and partnerships with other clubs, event organisers and competitions in Australia, as well as overseas. 

This is our new vision. We want to be able to provide every drifter the opportunity to make drifting better. Every input counts, every idea is one step closer to achieving a dream. We want to be able to make everyones drift dream into a reality. 

Please bare with us during the transition .

Further information and available positions to follow. Please keep and eye out. For any enquiries please contact

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